An Impactful Social Media Strategy for Restaurants

Megan Redzia - 11/15/2016

restaurant-social-mediaSocial media has changed the face of the restaurant industry. People of all ages are using social networks to make dining decisions and share their experiences with others. Your customers are writing reviews on Yelp, uploading photos of their dish on Instagram, and tweeting about how long they waited for a table. Operators know they can’t afford to ignore the influential power of this medium, but many we’ve worked with have the same question: “How do I get started?”


Real Men Wear Pink…to Fight Breast Cancer

Lee Groeger - 10/27/2016


Just this year, roughly 250,000 women and 2,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, more than 40,000 of these women and 400 men will not beat this ubiquitous disease. Because these numbers are so vast, it’s a challenge these days to meet someone who hasn’t been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Unfortunately, that is true for almost everyone here at 3E Public Relations. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the American Cancer Society to support their Real Men Wear Pink campaign.


True Life: We Celebrated A Different “Holiday” Every Day For A Month. This Is Our Story.

Lee Groeger - 06/14/2016

Everyone knows the popular Apple catch phrase, “There’s an app for that™.” Well, that may very well be true—OK, it’s definitely true—but I’m here to tell you about the latest phenomenon: there’s a day for that. For what, you ask? For anything. Literally, anything. In fact, as I am writing this, people everywhere are celebrating National Bourbon Day, National Flag Day, National Pop Goes the Weasel Day, and National Strawberry Shortcake Day. Maybe, somewhere out there,


10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use an Eraser

Patrick Brightman - 06/13/2016

dscf0108-editedHappy National Rubber Eraser Day! Here at 3E PR we are celebrating by using our erasers in unconventional ways.

Make an eraser your back-up. Literally. Use a pencil eraser as a makeshift earring backing in S.O.S situations.

Polish jewelry at no cost. Who needs a specific cleaning agent when you have an eraser?

Clean your electronics. From flat screens to cellphones, an eraser can get the job done.


Snapchat Fever: Why Millennials & Brands Love Instant Gratification

admin - 05/17/2016

I still use Facebook. Not exactly for what you may think. As a college junior, my friends and I use the Messenger and Groups function to chat within our campus organizations. We don’t post statuses, nor do we share content. I asked my sister, a sixteen-year-old who keeps up with the newest viral content, “Do you still use Facebook?”

My sister responds with a loud and surprised tone, “What? No! I have it to stay in touch with our cousins in Peru.


My Summer PR Internship: More Than I Expected

admin - 08/31/2015

jrizio-selfieBeing a history major, I was often asked the question, “Well how did you find yourself in the PR world?” This is a question I also asked myself when I chose to become a history major – what type of career could I possibly have aside from one in academics? Yet, I found that studying history has enhanced my ability to think critically, research markets, and to write and edit. What I’ve learned in both my major and my internship this summer is that no matter how innovative your idea is,

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