Google’s Recent Update Not the End of Press Releases

Patrick Brightman - 02/04/2014

Growing up, there were only two certainties, at least that was how the old saying went. “Death and taxes.” In today’s digital world, a third certainty has arisen – Google will change its SEO criteria.

Such was the case back in the summer when the search giant updated the Link Schemes in its Webmaster Guidelines. Basically, Google stated that links in press releases are “unnatural” and that a no follow should be included in links for optimized anchor text.


Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling: The “GPS” Of Communication

Lee Groeger - 02/04/2014

Using propper grammer spelling and punctuation is importent.

If you are a journalist, and that sentence was included in an e-mail I sent you, you just deleted it, and I lost whatever chance I had of working with you. If you are simply a reasonably educated individual, it might have just annoyed you. The fact of the matter is, using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling (GPS) is important, and not just for those who work in word-laden professions.


Franchising Goes Social: Develop a Successful Franchise Social Media Program in Six Steps

Megan Redzia - 02/04/2014

Social media has changed the way consumers connect with companies as well as communicate with their peers regarding  their experiences with products or services. Companies in all industries are embracing this shift and to properly leverage social media’s full marketing benefits,they must initially develop a corporate strategy.

This can be an arduous task even when all communications are generated from a central office. So just imagine the unique challenges franchisors face when trying to implement a universal social media strategy with their franchisees.


Re-branding is Like A Facelift

Dave Scelba - 02/04/2014

Re-branding is a lot like getting a facelift. You can have a minor nip and tuck every few years and it’s so gradual no one ever suspects anything was done.

In fact, friends and family probably think you’re eating right, exercising or were just born with good genes.

The same is true for companies that routinely update their logos, jingles and marketing tactics which collectively contribute to their overall image. Like the occasional nip and tuck,


Understanding the Difference between Public Relations and Advertising to Determine the Most Cost-Effective Strategy for Your Business

Dave Scelba - 01/31/2014

Nearly 30 years ago I began building an Integrated Marketing Communications firm based on the philosophy thatmarketing goals and objectives dictate the strategy and plan for integrating the proper balance of public relations and advertising.

Our PR and advertising teams worked in unison providing clients with the most effective and cost-efficient campaign strategy. That said, here is my take today on the use of public relations and advertising and determining the best strategy based on a client’s budget.

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